President's Message

August 2020 President’s Message

We will be celebrating our 45th year of being a part of the Greater Vancouver sport scene, having provided skiing and snowboarding trips, accommodation, and alpine sporting events throughout that time.  As well, the Pacific ski club twice started up baseball leagues, many still participate in the last one, albeit that one has gone off on its own as well.

Many spring, summer, and fall events have been held here as well as in Whistler and the Okanagan where for well over 35 years the Summer Olympics brought so many other ski clubs together, something that also occurred in the BC and Washington State mountains in winter.

We still run ski trips, the next one is to Banff in February of 2021.  We still hold the September Labour Day camping trip; last year Victoria joined in and the Bumbiters come every now and then.  We will be in Keremeos at the Old Grist Mill Campground and will be doing a winery tour while there.   

Check us out; we are all still very active in sports—snow shoeing can in with a whirl in 2019 and went until they closed the mountains on March 14/ 15, 2020 because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our AGM, will also be our gala party (currently limited to 50 people) and is scheduled to be held September 17th, exactly 40 years to the day we held our first monthly meeting.  We will have board of pictures from the past.  Most likely, you will be in at least one, hopefully not overly compromising your integrity but a warm re

minder from what we have been up to these many years.  Lost of prizes and lots of food and fun.  Location TBA as we are finalizing it with the host pub in Vancouver.

Remember, this club is yours to make of it what you want to enjoy doing.  We all volunteer and we love to have fun with style and class.  SKI BC WITH THE PSC!  You must be a member of the Pacific Ski Club or the Victoria Alpine Ski Club to book on any of our trips.

45th PSC Anniversary Party
Thursday, September 17th, 2020
(location and time TBA after bars re-open)
which will also become our 
Annual General Meeting
September 17th, 1974, is the exact day our first monthly meeting was held, and our first year of operation was the 1974/75 ski season.  
This September, we will have completed 45 years of serving skiers and snowboarder in the Greater Vancouver Region for 45 years!!!!

So, please raise a glass and toast everyone who has ever been a part of our great ski club, to those who brought friends into the club, to those who volunteered their time to help out on events, and to those who gave their all to be part of our PSC executive; without their support we would never have had all the great years, years filled with fun and memories that are still with us.

If we are permitted a gathering larger than 50 people, we will let you know.  Prizes aplenty, food, balloons and large boards with many of the old photos.  Pre- 1982, most pictures are on slides and we will see if we can change at least some of the most memorable to prints and have them available that evening.

Please stay safe, keep your distance, and try to stay home, if at all possible.

Don't forget our Sponsors, especially :

John Henry's Resort and Marina   who are providing us with bottles of premium wine... 

...and our sponsor,

 Anton Von

Published Canadian Author


We wish our sponsors a successful and joyous 2020. 

Sven Stefanov, PSC President

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