President's Message

Dear Members:

Due to the Corona Virus and its spread, containing it means most mountain will remain closed, and all of the PSC events, including club night, are cancelled.  We will keep you posted.

Dear members;

Who could have guessed that we would find ourselves in the current situation with the Corona Virus, or COVID-19.

As with so many letters, notices, e-mails from corporations and government regulations, we also keep our membership and their heath foremost.  As such, all of our current activities are cancelled until further notice.

I must inform anyone on the Legend’s ski trip scheduled for April, is has been cancelled and that their board will go over what to do.  You will be notified of a rescheduled event or of a refund.  Things are changing daily.

Whistler announced their Winter 2019/20 ski season is officially over, so you will see more notices on refunds.  I have a 5 day Epic Card and was planning to use 3 or 4 days on the April trip, albeit I am on the waiting list, and had planned to go up mid-week well before season’s end to use the other days.  I have sent off an e-mail to Whistler, as the only item on their web site is a reminder that ‘unused ski days are not transferable or refundable, as per the Epic Card Holders’ Agreement’, hardly encouraging words.  But there is a note that this position may change in the near future.  As I lost 2 of my 5 fays last year, let’s hope so.
If you have pre-booked tickets, they have an on-line form and you may get a credit or refund, but that letter also states ‘no obligation to a refund exists’, so let’s hope you get some kind of credit.

To keep you all safe, I will include this link to COVID-19 Information which a lay person can understand.  The information came from one of our ski club friends. 

Members have brought me up to speed as well.  For too long, I was holed up in my basement trying to finish a project I dropped when both mum and dad died in late 2003 and mid 2004.  Thanks to your repeated messages and concern; I finally 'saw the light'.

Don't forget our Sponsors, especially :

John Henry's Resort and Marina   who are providing us with bottles of premium wine. 

We wish our sponsors a successful and joyous 2020. 

Sven Stefanov, PSC President

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