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January 2021 Message
I hope and pray each of you had a Christmas celebration, albeit, likely with fewer relatives and friends in attendance than in past years.
Our annual Christmas Pub Crawl and Charity drive was a Zoom Meeting wherein we all drank a few beer in the safety of our homes, raised a glass or two of wine or other beverages of choice, while having an enjoyable evening with friends. The members who logged on must be congratulated as we collected well over $400.00 for the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau.  Thanks goes to Iain MacIver, our Social Director, who put the whole social evening on.  I hear he had some personal contact with Santa. 

Our December ski trip to Whistler was sold out, and we lucked out with fresh powder snow, blue skies, and little in the way of line-ups.  I managed over 40,000 vertical feet in three days of skiing, the last being a full day (8:30 am to 3:00pm) on December 13th, 2020 with Walter. 

What a year 2020 has been.  The 2019/20 ski season eneded abruptly on the 14th of March, our St.

Patrick's Day Party, March 17th was cancelled as all restaurants and bars were closed by the BC Health Ministry, and that put an end to the way things have been done for years.  Our monthly meetings, our AGM, and our 45th Anniversary Party were either cancelled or with the 45th event, postponed until 2021.

To that end, and the beginning of the new Year, we hope things will begin to loosen up in the way of social contact with others.  Hopefully, as the virus runs its course, we will see some resemblance to what we have taken for granted most of our lives.

We will be planning and running Snowshoeing trips to our local mountains and these will be posted to our Winter Activities pages. 

Skiing is still a big part of our activities picture, with the February trip almost full, the April almsot full and room on the rest, so if you have a pass, please join the Victoria Club or our Club and book your ski trips before they are gone.

Remember : To book any trip, you must be a member of the Pacific Ski Club or the Victoria Alpine Ski Club.  The Victoria club’s memberships all expire on the same day in September.  The memberships of Pacific are year to year and, to GO on a trip, that membership must be valid and current when that trip takes place.  If your membership were to expire during the trip, a renewal charge will be added to your membership at the time of your booking.

Booking ski trips: With our club nights still around, you can pay with Master Card, VISA or the Diners Card, or if you prefer, the easiest way is by an e-transfer payment.  Check out our ski trips for more information. 

For now, hold tight and let us get through the worst of the pandemic before we let our guard down.  The new year promises to be a brighter future and hopefully, we will all be healthy enough to enjoy the outdoor sports for which our club is here.

Club nights, with the safety precautions The Pint has in place, have been successful and I feel safe in those surroundings.  We hope to see more of you there as the months pass.  Remember, everyone who wants to go must e-mail me whereupon you will get a confirmation number as well as a seat and table number. 

Check out the tab for Mountain Conditions:  We have 136 ski resorts world-wide in the Northern Hemisphere listed.  You need look not further, we have them all!!!

Remember to stay safe, keep calm, maintain your distance; be sensible as well.  

I wish each and everyone a Happy New Year.  Raise a glass or two and let's ring in the new year, 2021 with class. 

I hope we can meet at The Pint in January where hope to hold a Charity raffle.  Yet, we may have to do that event on a Zoom Meeting like the Pub Crawl; time will tell. 

Ski you all on the slopes soon.

Sven Stefanov, PSC President


Don't forget our Sponsors, especially :

John Henry's Resort and Marina   who are providing us with bottles of premium wine... 

...and our sponsor,

 Anton Von

Published Canadian Author


We wish our sponsors a very Merry Christmas and a much better 2021. 

Sven Stefanov, PSC President

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