President's Message

Snow, snow, snow and more snow, that is what has been falling since the new decade arrived.  Yes, we even had our 20+ cm of fresh snow in North Delta and most of the Lower Mainland.  Yet, as a ski and snowboarding club, the important thing is there is a lot of fresh powder in the mountains.
The Mount Washington ski trip was a deep-powder, full-fun ski trip.  The boys and girls from the Victoria Alpine Ski Club are presently still up at Red Mountain (February 9th - 14th) and will be lucky if they can dig themselves out of the deep snow and return to the West Coast and Lotus Land.

I am in my second year of snowshoeing (1st ski season) thanks in part to Nathalie and Andrew.  Yet, I found out that a few of our local gals have their own pair of snow shoes, and we have been up there on most weekends.  As I am retired, call me and we can go on a weekday, but only if there is new snow and sun–although it is just as much fun to go walking in the mountains while the snow is falling–it becomes a real winter-wonderland!!!

Our club night, February 20th,
promises to be fun.  New members have joined the PSC these last few club nights, and it is always great to see new faces and the ideas they bring to our club.  Yet, if you are a member from the club, past or present, come on down.  
There are still two (2) ski trips left in the season, the week-long in March and Legends four in April.  You must be a member to go on any ski trip.See you on the slopes, at club events, or at club night, Thursday, February 20th – we will hold our raffle and let you know what's up and coming. Party is upstairs and starts at 6:30p.m.

Don't forget our Sponsors, especially :

John Henry's Resort and Marina   who are providing us with bottles of premium wine. 

We wish our sponsors a successful and joyous 2020. 

Sven Stefanov, PSC President

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