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March Message

Dear Members; (Yes, I met two monks from Tibet on the very top of Hollyburn, 1332m.)

 I waited until today, Mach 14th, to pen this month’s lines.  The reasons are twofold:

First of all, on March 14th, 2020 Whistler shut down their ski operations and B.C., along with the rest of North America, followed with similar actions.  Our world was responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.  One year later, we are still under health restrictions, but we have been able to go outdoors and enjoy the sport of skiing and snowshoeing.  Tomorrow is our second last scheduled Monday for snowshoeing at Hollyburn Ridge and the Nordic trails.  We still have the five-night, March 21 – 26, ski trip and the three-night, April 1 – 4, ski trip ahead.  We have also been able to extend the deadline to book these two trips to the 16th of March for the week-long trip and March 26th for the three night trip.

Secondly, I have heard that a few of our members and members from our sister club are not going to use their Whistler Seasons or Epic passes in the hope that they will be able to collect on the free insurance and thereby be able to use that money for next ski season.  To that end, I strongly advise you to read the entire Terms and Conditions (click the link, left then click 'Read More' just below FAQ) and take a good look at the wording.  Last year, Vail Resorts had to shut down and large-scale refunds and credits were provided.  This will not be the case this time around; they provided each of us with FREE Insurance and, simply put, insurance companies are not in the business of exposing themselves to risk, if at all possible.

Please, read the Terms and Conditions; unless there was a Mandatory Travel Ban, Vail has kept the mountain open for the 118 days by April 4th, 2021.  You know those wonderful ski cards that tell you how many vertical feet and days you have skied?  Those same passes also prove that thousands of BC residents went skiing and used those passes at other mountains besides Whistler/ Blackcomb and Vail or their insurance companies have access to that information.  As well, clause 11 removes our rights to any class action case, so each pass holder is on their own this time around.

Not a gambler?  Come ski B.C. with the PSC and use those passes to the maximum!  It is beautiful out there and there are no cases of people getting the virus outdoors.  Keep your distance, wear the mask in crowds and indoors, and wash your hands before touching your face or mouth if you have touched any contaminated surface.  (Can you find the two PSC members in the photo - right?)

Booking ski trips: With our club nights still around, you can pay with Master Card, VISA or the Diners Card, or if you prefer, the easiest way is by an e-transfer payment.  Check out our ski trips for more information. 

Club Nights: The Pint 455 Abbott Street, 6:30pm.  We hope to see more of you there as the months pass.  Remember, please e-mail me before going to a club meeting.  You will get a confirmation number as well as a seat and table number. 

Check out the tab for Mountain Conditions:  We have 136 ski resorts world-wide in the Northern Hemisphere listed.  You need look not further, we have them all!!!

Remember to stay safe, keep calm, maintain your distance; be sensible as well.  

Ski you all on the slopes -  a few trips to go and use those ski passes!!!

Sven Stefanov, PSC President


Don't forget our Sponsors, especially :

John Henry's Resort and Marina   who are providing us with bottles of premium wine... 

...and our sponsor,

 Anton Von

Published Canadian Author, Anton Von Stefan


We wish our sponsors a very happy and prosperous 2021. 

Sven Stefanov, PSC President

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