2019 - 2020 PSC Executive:

President/ Secretary / Media:     Sven Stefanov

                                                       or Sven Stefanov





Vice President & Activities: Walter Dorken





Secretary: Position Available


                                                    Richard Gaudreau


Membership: Irene McKinney*                              

 *Note:  While Irene is off on a wee tour of her homeland, 








Shannon Chadwick has been kind enough to temporarily take on the task of Membership.  


                                                Iain MacIver


Want to join the team?  


Media Communications: It's a snap with our new User Friendly Web Site--Photos up in minutes, changes to articles, new pages and links as easy--you do not need to be a computer GEEK to fill this position.

Activities: Do you own thing and bring the best out in everyone.

Secretary:  Can you print?  Do you need a Dell Laptop?  If you don't have your own computer, we can provide one.  If you cannot print, write.

Perks:  A free PSC membership while on the executive.  10%* off on ski trips.  2 free drinks at the AGM.  Get your picture on the web site.  Meet new friends.  Show Leadership and add to your BIO. 

*Note: PSC run trips.






Communications and Media: Position Available

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