2023 - 2024 PSC Executive: 

This year, with the 2023 Annual General Meeting having taken place, we have a new executive. 
Positions are all filled this year.  Thanks for stepping forward.

President/ Treasurer: Sven Stefanov 






Vice President & Activities: Walter Dorken



 Secretary/ Membership

Irene MacIver



              Socials / Media & Communications:  

Iain MacIver





  • A free PSC membership while on the executive.  
  • 10%* off on ski trips.  
  • 2 free drinks at the AGM.  
  • Get your picture on the web site.  
  • Meet new friends.  
  • Show Leadership and add to your BIO. 
Volunteering for a Chair position is where you learn the skills of LEADERSHIP.

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