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Canadian author Anton Von Stefan's new book, A Very Strange Christmas!, is written for children from age 6 to 106 ! 

The tale within this book has the cozy fireside feeling of all great storytelling coupled with the magic of Christmas Past.  I especially liked the 'come closer' cadence of the narrator, the story telling within the storytelling.

The tale affirms a very cold 'out-side' but it's warm 'in here' allure.
This story could be read or recited in an hour being the perfect catalyst for gathering a group of friends and family then regaling them with the old fashioned art of live oral story telling.  

Thanks for the magic.  
Mary Jean Dunsdon, Owner, The Licorice Stores, Vancouver, British Columbia
Contact your local bookstore or his publisher, Granville Island Publishing for your copy today.

and our sponsor: Gothic-Horror.com

Table of Content, the ghost stories contained in the book are:
  • The Shrouding
  • The Incredible Mirror
  • The Death of Mrs Witmore
  • The Curse of The Red Crystal
  • The Passing of Mr Needles
  • The Bizarre Events at Carlton House
  • Number 80 Harrow Street
  • The Thoughts of Jonathan Moor
  • The Tale of Dr Leopold
  • The Thin Line
  • The Ghastly Demise of Mr Duff
All of the tales bring out spine-tingling emotions which emerge as you read through the words penned by the author.

You can see the author's other book, A Very Strange Christmas!, on this site or you may go to the publisher's web site:
Granville Island Publishing.
Ask for his books at your book store.

There is nothing quite like a good book on any night you want to put your feet up, relax, and enjoy yourself.

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