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Toby's??? New Location for Club Nights?  We will let you know as everyone was closed for a while.

Our regular club nights are: Third (3rd) Thursday of every month; due to the COVID-19 regulations, however, we have suspended these meeting for the time being. 

The Annual General Meeting of the PSC
We have tentatively set
Thursday, September 17th, 2020
as the date we hope to hold both our
 45th Year Party
  Bars and Restaurants are gradually opening.  Gatherings are still restricted to 50 people.

The Pacific Ski Club is celebrating a full 45 years of serving its members--our first year was the 1974/ 75 ski season-- Gala Party lots old photographs to bring back memories.  come see what you looked like 25 to 30 years ago (we were all gorgeous).  Prizes, gifts and food.  Rest assured, balloons, posters, and beverages will be there so that we can enjoy the evening, meet new members, recall past trips, and look ahead at two more camping trips, a golf tournament and skiing Banff in January of next year.


Banff Ski Trip
(click above to see information or on our Ski Trips Tab)

Members can send me an e-mail and let me know if they plan to book.  For now, the trip and payments are on hold.  Yet, the date will hopefully remain unchanged, January 29th, 2021 to February 5th, 20212.  

We will arrange the deposit information soon. 

Ski & Snowboard BC with the PSC !!!!

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