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Join Us at our Fall and Winter Activities!!!

Have you dusted off your snowboard or skis? We’ve had a few nights where it has dropped below zero right here in Grater Vancouver.  Walter has taken his boards out, waxed and polished them more than one half a dozen times, or so I have been told.  The first ski trip of the 2019/20 ski season starts on Friday December 6th and I believe there is still one spot left.

Those of you who dropped in at our Hallowe’en Costume Part and Dance had an evening most will not forget.  I’ve head it right from the source that a few drifted home around 3:15 a.m.  The live band, Jimmy Dean and the Rebels, cranked out song after song.  The keen PSC group had already hut-down the upstairs bar around 12:30 or 1 o’clock, but we went down for another few hours of dancing. There was even an ‘incident’ wherein our President (me) had a lovely fresh cold pint of beer brought over to our table, and being distracted for less that 2 seconds, found that his glass had been emptied.  Will the guilty party please buy him a replacement beer next time they are together?  No questions will be asked–luckily, the bar was still open but it was replaced without the ‘scoundrel’ ‘fessing or paying up.

Casino night - hey, I think machine #2 must have been broken–it broke the bank, and no one could pry Doreen away from it.  The other ‘slots’ we not so kind and we had to watch our coins disappear as the coins kept flying out of the ‘broken’ machine.
Anyone know how to play Texas Hold’em or Black Jack?  –we didn’t and played cards by our own rules only to have Tracey google the correct rules time and again.  Being of unsound mind by that time, we ended up with some strange games, indeed.  Too much fun!!!

Board Game night is on this 15th of November. 

If you missed out on Hallowe’en or the Casino Night, get your act in gear and ,make sure you don’t miss out on another great evening.

B.C. may be out of the playoff games, but the 106th CFL final (yes we Canadians invented football and the Super & Dust Bowl is just that, a super dusty bowl of empty chips or peanuts), the Grey Cup is the real McCoy and has its official party not in Calgary, as one might guess, but in Delta B.C. at our president’s house.  4 TVs will be blaring out the details while PSC members will party in fine style.
Members of the Victoria club–in town or want to get off the Island for the Grey Cup Party?  No problem, call and we will open up the ‘Hilton’ which has sleeping for 3 more singles or 2 couples and one single.  The house has room for 2 couples or 3 singles and a few who may wish to pass out (but not in the hot tub – that’s a rule).  I usually sleep alone but....

We had sales of over $130 toward the Christmas Charity Raffle – Grand Prize this year is the original acrylic oil paining (pictured herein).  Tickets are $15/ one, $20/ three, and $30/ six tickets.  100% goes to the Christmas Bureau  -help us collect for those in need.  Join us at the pub crawl December 7th.  Nothing is actually more important, certainly not some other private party or event.  Skip that other event and do some good toward those who need our help.  It’s only one day a year, and it is always lots of fun so....

...please, check out the Christmas Charity Pub Crawl page.  Member of the Pacific Ski Club and friends from the Victoria Alpine Ski Club get together in Vancouver for this Annual Charity event.
Tickets at $5.00 each, hat and gifts sales along with all the money collected , (100%) goes to the Vancouver Christmas Bureau.

Grand Prize (as mentioned above) - Joseph B. Lavalley has donated an original acrylic painting.  This $500.00 value work of art will be raffled off at our December meeting.  Tickets and information at : PSC Christmas Charity Pub Crawl.

Not every child is fortunate enough to find a gift under the Christmas tree, and our donations help out those in need.  Please, set Saturday, December 7th aside to join us in this worth-while cause.  It's also a lot of fun.  Santa comes down from the North Pole to help us out each year.

  Welcome to the members who signed up at that club night.

Club nights are at Toby’s Bar and Grill, same great, central location right at the Commercial Drive Ski Train Station, 2733 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

There are lots of places left on almsot all of the ski trips being offered by the Victoria Alpine Ski Club.

Remember, you must be a member of the Pacific Ski Club or the VASC  to book any of the ski trips. You can also book on line on their web site VASC

To book on-line and for full list and dates, please check out the skiing for the 2019/ 20 season as listed on the pages found on our web site.

Dust off the boards, get the edges sharpened, the bases waxed, and go to ski fit.  The temperature has dropped below zero and the snow is about to fall; the mountain will open before you know it.
Cheers! Enjoy the Fall!

Don't forget our Sponsors, especially :

John Henry's Resort and Marina   who are provided the 4 bottles of premium wine for our AGM draw.  

See you at club night, September 19th, 6:30 pm onward.

Sven Stefanov, PSC President

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