President's Message

President's AGM Message

Welcome to our new members--Enjoy our Summer!!!

We are a ski club, not some run-of-the-mill social club which are a dime a dozen!!!
In 2019-2020, ski B.C. with the PSC or the VASC.  Become a member now!!!

July is almost half over and with the arrival of summer many strange creatures emerge from their hibernation.  You may not meet the big fellow (on the left) I met in Alberta just a few weeks ago, but our hiking, cycling and golf activities are in full swing.  Quite a few have e-mailed and booked into the camping weekend at Anderson Lake. As well, we have members from Victoria booking this trip, so please check out our web site’s pages to see what is happening.  

This month, our monthly meeting is back on the 3rd Thursday of July, or July 18th (my 45th 21st Birthday!!).  Click here, PSC Club Night, for all the details.

 I am sitting in Dartmouth, a part of Greater Halifax, on my way across Canada.  No need to buy me a drink at club night, but come on by and hold up a glass just for the fun of it.  Summer, and the Pacific Ski Club is what fun is all about, after all.
Again, don't forget the Anderson Creek camping weekend starting August 29th (see below).  This is one of those camping trips you don't want to miss.

Remember, you must be a member of either the PSC of VASC to go on any of our trips.

Enjoy the summer, but try to stay out of towns like this one.  It was/is full of dinosaurs--or is it the hot weather that makes me see things that aren't actually there?
Sven Stefanov, PSC President

Our golf tournament will be the 3rd Saturday in September.  

Note the July meeting -- It is again on the 3rd Thursday of July, still at Toby's.  Bring your friends, enjoy the fun, win at our raffles.  See y'all soon. 

Don't forget our Sponsors, especially :

John Henry's Resort and Marina   who are provided the 4 bottles of premium wine for our AGM draw.  

Enjoy the summer and the hot weather yet to come. 

Sven Stefanov, PSC President

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