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Join Us at our Fall Social Events!!!

As President of the Pacific Ski Club, it's a sad start to this month's message.  The Okanagan Club, previously known as the Okanagan Ski Club (OCSC), will be folding later this year.  Their good-bye party is being held November 2nd of this year.  If you'd like to attend, contact Debbie Francis:  <>

The Okanagan Ski Club:
Founded in 1972, two years before the start of the Pacific Ski Club, has been a part of all of the Summer and Winter Olympics, or since before the beginning of time.  Many of us, participating at many of those events, have made good friends with their members.  Most of us have fond memories, many of which cannot be repeated in print on these 'virgin' pages.   There is one memory that must be related.  It pertains to an event which the Okanagan Ski Club put on at almost all of the summer games, their bar.

Each year, on one of the summer nights, they set up a bar complete with counter and barkeeper (alias Tom Watt).  There, with smiles and other club members serving one and all, the drinks were liberal, free, and never ending.  There are some of us who never made it back to our tents, slept with people we never knew but got to know, and at least one pair married.

On the night I will never forget, some gorgeous looking lady found four or five of us men, in various stages of drunkenness, leaning against the bar, a 5' to 6' wide counter with 50 to 60 empty shooter glasses and spillage all over it.  Tom was on the other side pouring drinks.

"Guys." This lady says, "I just have to know why you men always have to stand that way in the bars, leaning on the bar as if you are holding it up or something?"

The instant those words left her mouth, all of us saw the change in Tom's facial expression. This is just too easy to let pass. is what all of us read.

We all had a part to play, and bartender and patrons never exchanged a word but knew what part in Tom's scheme we had to play.

Tom, being the gentleman he was, called her to the bar and asked us to, "make room for the lady," and we parted in the middle.  Asking her for her choice of drink, he poured it.

The instant she said, "cheers" and began drinking, we stepped three feet back and sideways in unison; Tom pushed the bar forward, knocking it on top of her.

We could hear words of surprise issuing from below the bar which was wiggling from side to side, alms and legs exposed.  Being gentlemen all, we picked it up with little effort (it was made of light material, easy to transport).

"Boys!" Tom said with false concern evident in his voice. "That's not very kind of you.  You know you have to stay here to keep the bar up and standing.  Just look at what you've done to this fine lady."

We men all apologized. She was handed a new drink and left in good spirits only to return an hour or so later.

"I can't believe it."  She exclaimed.  You guys are still here!  Not one of you guys moved."

"Yip." Tom replied nonchalantly.  "They have to or else the bar will fall over."

"No.  You guys always just say that as an excuse not to dance or mingle socially." she replied to our utter amazement. Again we saw Tom's sly grin.

"What'll it be this time?" Tom asked her.

We parted without being asked this time.  Additional spillage and more empty plastic cups with dribbles still at the bottom of each cup covered the top of the counter.

There is an adage: She who does not learn from history is destined to repeat it.

Yes, she had one sip of her new drink, we stepped aside, Tom pushed the bar forward and, splotch, all of the cups fell over with the bar on top of her once more.

After we picked up the 'unfortunate' patron and bar, we convinced her to stay for another hour or so. Once it was safe to leave (all the bottles were all empty), we escorted her to her tent.

Next morning, those time honoured words escaped her mouth while at leat one of us men was in earshot (we were actually waiting to she her come out). "Why am I so sticky?, she asked her girls friends as she emerged from her tent.

This very sicky lady won the Gold Boot Award for that remarkable question.

It was just too easy and too much fun.  I will miss that group, but every past member of the Okanagan club is more than welcome to contact me, or any of our club's executive when they are in Vancouver.  Some of us may have room to out you over for a night; all of us will be glad to see you.

A number of years ago, in an effort to target a greater audience, they changed their venue from a ski club to that of a Social Club, renaming themselves the Okanagan Club.

Good skiing and snowboarding at all f your local mountains.  The Okanagan, with Whistler's ski tickets going out of reach for many of us, will likely be where most of us will retire.  Like the Phoenix, the ski club may have to re-invent itself from the ashes.  The Okanagan Pacific Ski Club? OPSC???

Pacific Ski Club Message:
We sill have one hike left, heading up Burnaby Mountain, October 19th.  Our fall social calendar lists the second Theatre Night in early December.  We are holding another of our well received Board Game Nights on Friday, November 15th, the Halloween Costume Party is October 26th, the Casino Night with games of skill and cards is November 1st, and the Grey Cup party is on the 24th of November

Check out the Christmas Charity Pub Crawl page.  Member of the Pacific Ski Club and friends from the Victoria Alpine Ski Club get together in Vancouver for this Annual Charity event.
Tickets at $5.00 each, hat and gifts sales along with all the money collected , (100%) goes to the Vancouver Christmas Bureau.

Grand Prize- Joseph B. Lavalley has donated an original acrylic painting.  This $500.00 value work of art will be raffled off at our December meeting.  Tickets and information at : PSC Christmas Charity Pub Crawl.

Not every child is fortunate enough to find a gift under the Christmas tree, and our donations help out those in need.  Please, set Saturday, December 7th aside to join us in this worth-while cause.  It's also a lot of fun.  Santa comes down from the North Pole to help us out each year.

  Welcome to the members who signed up at that club night.

Club nights are at Toby’s Bar and Grill, same great, central location right at the Commercial Drive Ski Train Station, 2733 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

There are lots of places left on almsot all of the ski trips being offered by the Victoria Alpine Ski Club.

Remember, you must be a member of the Pacific Ski Club or the VASC  to book any of the ski trips. You can also book on line on their web site VASC

To book on-line and for full list and dates, please check out the skiing for the 2019/ 20 season as listed on the pages found on our web site.

Dust off the boards, get the edges sharpened, the bases waxed, and go to ski fit.  The temperature has dropped below zero and the snow is about to fall; the mountain will open before you know it.
Cheers! Enjoy the Fall!

Don't forget our Sponsors, especially :

John Henry's Resort and Marina   who are provided the 4 bottles of premium wine for our AGM draw.  

See you at club night, September 19th, 6:30 pm onward.

Sven Stefanov, PSC President

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