Club Night

Toby's is the location of our regular club night: Third (3rd) Thursday of every month

Next Club Night - October 17th, 2019

Location: Toby's Bar 2733 Commercial Drive

Time : 6:30 pm


Tickets go on sale at club night to win this $500.00 vlue original acrylic painting.  100% of the tickets sold go toward the Vancouver Christmas Bureau to help out those in need.

Draw for this grand prize will be held at our Christmas party, December 19th, 2019

Tickets for the painting are $15.00 each, 3 for $20.00 and the bargain of 5 for $30.00.


Come check us out.  We are offering 5 ski trips, all coordinated through the VASC, and we will have the complete list of those ski trips for the 2019/20 ski season at club night. 

Bring a friend and share your Summer and Fall memories.  There is still one hike left (October 19th), theatre nights, a Halloween costume party (October 26th), board game night (Friday, November 15th), Casino Night (November 1st) and more in our fall social lineup.  

Let your membership run out? Remember to sign up as you MUST BE A MEMBER to go on any ski trips.


Ski BC with the PSC !!!!

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