All Your Mountains' Snow Reports at Your Fingertips

We are the Pacific Ski Club &
We've Been Skiing & Snow Boarding Since 1974!!

Welcome to 'Super-Natural' British Columbia !!! 

Officially, we have 13 Mountain Ski Resorts scattered over 10 Mountain Ranges, but there are many other smaller places hidden within B.C. where you can make turns and shred fresh powder.  To see each snow report and ski region, here is your link:  


Ski B. C. with the P.S.C.


Want a list of those ski hills few from Victoria and the Greater Vancouver region have ever heard about?  Here are a few of these places:

  • Troll Resort
  • Harper Mountain
  • Sasquatch Mountain Resort
  • Phoenix Mountain
  • Grouse Mountain
  • Mount Seymour
  • Cypress Mountain
  • Wapiti Ski Club
  • Salmo Ski Hill
  • Hudson Bay Mountain
  • Manning Park Resort
  • Tabor Mountain
  • Mount Cain
  • Summit Lake Ski Area
  • Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ski Area
  • Bear Mountain Ski Hill
  • Powder King Mountain Resort
  • Shames Mountain
  • Murray Ridge Ski Area
  •  Mount Cain, Vancouver Island

Present Snow Conditions: 

Hemlock Valley

Mt. Baker

Big White

Silver Star

Sun Peaks Resort

Red Mountain

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