Saturday, December 19, 2015

SKI TRIPS - Many sold out.  A few spots left

Go to our web site and check out which ski trips still have space.  Time is running out for many of these great ski trips.

Contact the organizer directly via the e-mail address listed for each particular ski trip.  Hope to see you on the mountains and in the deep snow, both this year and the next.


December 2015 Christmas Party

What a Party !

With Christmas at our doorstep, it was wonderful to see the crowd of members, both past and present, their friends and visitors who came to our club night. With a much smaller membership than in past years, it was incredible to have well over 50 people at our Christmas Party, both a formal meeting and our Christmas Gift Exchange night.  As well, we raffled off the Christmas Bureau's Income Tax Receipt.  To that end alone, a very big thanks to Jennifer and Santa A.K.A. Iain who sold the tickets and ran the draws.

The PSCer, their friends, and the locals who dropped in at our club night raised another $120.00.  With the addition of three gifts which were brought along and the money raised on our annual Christmas Pub Crawl, the total is now over $300.00 - $318.00 to be exact!

Congratulations to Michael Webster, the winner of the tax receipt.  We took the gifts and cash down on Friday, December 18th and these donations will certainly help in granting some unfortunate children a little cheer this Christmas.  Great job.

Santa brought along his list, and the first 15 members who came by (and this was reached well before the meeting's 7pm start) were each handed their free gift.  As the night went along, well over 38 guests joined in the gift exchange.  Once the trading ended, each guest was called up and Santa handed them another wrapped gift.  Again we were permitted to exchange these unopened gifts.  Then, as the Whistler 2010 Olympic bell was rung, everyone opened up their gifts.  Lots of fun, lots of new friends made and several new members were welcomed into our club.  The demand for raffle tickets was so high, we ran out of tickets.  Thanks also to Roger, from the I.E. club who was our sound man and helped out with the technical stuff every meeting needs.  Santa handed him a gift for being sooo good.  

Thursday, December 17, 2015

PSC Photo Album

Tonight's Christmas Party

We have updated our photo album to include the James Bond Night, the Christmas Pub Crawl and the Golf Tournament.  Come on down to tonight's Christmas Party, 7pm @ Toby's and see what you looked like at the last event.
See you there, or B-Square!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Party Gift Exchange !!!

December 17th, Toby's Pub 2733 Commercial

Come join the members of the Pacific Ski Club at our club night
with a 7:00pm start to festivities.  First 15 people who come on upstairs to our Executive Table will get a free gift from Santa.  Don't open it until after the Announcements.  Those who come by later will have a chance to buy a gift and get in the game as well.  During the evening, you can exchange your gift with that of others until we 'ring the bell' and trading stops.  At that point, everyone will open the 'gift' they hold and we will open up the second part of "Santa's Sack of gifts.  You will be told what to do next at the party. 

Christmas Raffles:
As it is Christmas time, we will be having a few more prizes to hand out to members and their guests.  Come by, have a great party and have lots of fun while enjoying good company.
 Bonus Draw:  
Thanks to all of you who came out to support the Christmas Bureau of Vancouver on our Annual Christmas Pub Crawl.  We collected a whopping $156.89, bought 24 gifts for needy children and brought these to the depot on East Pandora as we have for years.  Job well done!!!!!
As a result, we will raffle off the Income Tax Receipt at tomorrows club night as well.  Every penny from this draw will also go to the same cause.  So, if you could not make the pub crawl, there is still a chance for you to do some good before Christmas.  
 Merry Christmas, and hope to see you all there December 17th @ 7pm onward !

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My first Merry Christmas Blog

Not one of our members would be reading this blog, my first, had it not been for the many hours of work Shannon Chadwick has put in working on our web site, posting my other 'blogs' and then granting us time, with this new executive, to teach us the basics of Blogging and then publishing this on our web site.  I can only hope I passed blogging 101 and that you will see this posted on our web pages.
To one and all, I invite you to our Christmas Party, December 17 at Toby's Bar, where the first 15 members (and their guests) who show up will be handed a free 'present' from Santa.  Anyone showing up after that will still be able to get in on the gift exchange.  You can purchase a gift from Santa's sack until all of the gifts are gone. You will be able to exchange this wrapped gift until the bell tolls, then it will be time to open your gift. There will be more fun added on to the game at this point. 

Bonus Raffle: The club will be raffling off the $156.89 Income Tax Receipt for the gifts we collected at our annual Christmas Pub Crawl.

More Prizes:  As it is our Christmas Party, we will have a  number of other gifts to raffle off.  A 3 tierd serving platter, a food/gift basket, a Koknaee Cap, and wine.  There could be more gifts, it all depends on how good you all are.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Message

President’s Christmas Message;
First of all, a very Merry Christmas to one and all!
Again, many thanks to each and everyone who donated to the Christmas Bureau on our Christmas Pub Crawl.  Anyone who did not make it, we will be adding to the $156.89 as we will raffle off the Income Tax receipt for that amount at our Club Christmas Party December 17th.  We will also have a few more things to raffle, a great 3-tiered serving platter, a party/food basket, a Kokanee hat and more.
Meeting starts at 7pm for cocktails and drinks and gift exchange, so come on down.  Not sure if Santa will appear, but there could be some presents for those who were good, we will have to wait and see.
Still a few days left to book onto the New Years Trip to Sun Peaks, but you’ll have to let me know ASAP.  All rooms not used by the 17th will be handed back.
It was great to see 3 PSC members on the ski trip to Whistler and the Tantalus Lodge.  Great fun, blue skies (one day) 20 and 50 centimeters the other days.  You just cannot lose on ski days like that.  Many a good turn was executed on the runs, lots of white fluff all over, great apr├Ęs skiing at the Long Horn and a Pot Luck on Saturday.  Whistler even hosted its 50 Years of Operations Party at the conference centre.  Anyone see Walter? Congratulations to Shannon on her birthday as well! Hope to see you on the other trips organized by Victoria, OK and Pacific this season!
Wax your boards, open your presents, and use that new ski equipment Santa brings in the months to come.  See you on the slopes.

Sven, President PSC