Ski Trips 2020

2020 Ski Trips

There are 3 spots left to the Whistler April 3 - 7 trip, there are always last minute cancellations, so become a member and book your trip.  Click: For current availability

Please note: You must be a member of the Pacific Ski Club or the Victoria Alpine Ski Club to go on any of the posted trips.

If you are already a member, to book click: Victoria Alpine Ski Club ski trips. and let them know you are a PSC member in good standing.  Bookings will be confirmed with our membership list.

  • March 8-13, 2019 – Whistler #2-Tantalus Lodge.  Trip Coordinators: Verena Sexsmith and Richard Bathurst 
This Whistler trip maybe the deal of the season offering 5 nights in the heart of Whistler village for $450.00. Yes, that's the price!!! This works out to approximately $90/night in Whistler during the peak ski season. Hard to beat!

  • April 3-7, 2020 – Whistler #3 -Legends Hotel (Creek-side base)
    Trip Coordinator: Dave Chater 

This trip is another awesome deal offering 4 nights in Leends Hotel at the Creek Side Base of Whistler for $280.00! This works out to $70.00 per night!!! Skiing in April at Whistler has provided some of the best skiing of the year for the past number of years.  

Why sit at home and pull weeds out of your garden?  Join us in what at times has been fresh powder (last year) or tan in the sun as we head up to ski on a “blue sky” day, lounge around on the outside patios after skiing, hit a few of the bars and restaurants, or make your way to the main village at Whistler.

Ski B.C. with the Victoria

Alpine or Pacific Ski Clubs!

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