Activity & Social Calendar

Pacific Ski Club Activity & Social Calendar

  • Camping weekends
  • Golf Tournament
  • Golf Driving Range evenings
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Watch the MLS Championship game 

Pacific Ski Club Golf Driving Range Nights:
Location: Burnaby Mountain Golf Course & Driving Range
Address: 7600 Halifax St, Burnaby, BC V5A 4M8
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Contact: Walter Dorken 604-420-2707  
  • Wednesday, August 12
  • Wednesday September 16th - warm up for the tournament
 Refreshments after the strenuous athletic activities at the Hop & Vine a right turn and then a quick left into the mall parking lots at 1601 Burnwood Dr #9, Burnaby, BC V5A 4H1

Pacific Ski Club Golf Tournament:

Saturday September 19th

Location: Delta Golf Course

11550 Ladner Trunk Rd, Delta, BC V4K 3N3

Price: $39.00 for 18 holes; Power Cart $15.00/ double occupancy

1st Tee Time:  11:30 am - Maximum of 16 players

With the hot sizzling summer having passed, its time to show us your sporting skills.  A simple game where you play against your self and only need to hit the ball true and straight. 

Prizes for most lost balls, Closest and farthest from the pin ladies and men, longest drive ladies, longest drive men, most bizarre hat and lots more.

Garden BBQ afterward:  Chateau von Stefan

Bring your own beverage and chair, but there will be lots of seating at three location to keep our social distances.  Burgers, hot dogs, salads and lots of trimmings.  Some overnight room avalable on a first come first serve basis.

 Contact Sven <>

  • If you are a golfer, many of the local courses in Greater Vancouver and on the Island are open

  • Still cannot hit that wee ball straight?  Join us at the Driving Range Nights in August and again in September

Pacific Ski Club - Camping Labour Day Long Weekend: 

Grist Mill Campground

2691 Upper Bench Rd, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N4

 Legends, history--all a part of beautiful B.C.gristmill-millinnards

In 1872, Barrington Price (1841-1913), an English gentleman from an upper-class family moved to the Similkameen Valley to take-over the Hudson Bay Company’s ranch-land and trading post.  By 1877  Price opened a water-powered mill to turn locally grown wheat (grist) into flour and an associated store. Together, the mill and store served the needs of the local settlers, First Nations, and miners travelling on the historic Dewdney Trail.

At first, the Grist Mill produced a whole wheat flour with a simple, single grinder; however in the early 1880s Price imported new, state-of-the-art machinery from James Jones of Louisville, Kentucky. Then, through several stages of grinding, flour was carefully peeled from the bran to produce white flour, a new invention of that era.

Unfortunately within a decade, Mr. Price’s business started to decline due to changes in transportation in British Columbia. In 1885, the completion of the Canadian railroad through valleys far to the north caused the horse trails through the Similkameen to become unimportant trade routes. The mill ceased to work and the property was purchased by J. H. Coulthard as a home for his family. Price returned to England, in 1904.

There is much more to lean and see when you join us for this 'historic' camping weekend.
  • Arrive Thursday/ Friday September 3rd/4th
  • Party and stay to Monday/ Tuesday September 7/8th 
  • Contact by E-mail Sven or Iain MacIver
  • 4 RVs registered. 3 tents registered
  • Wine tour and cycling to be included -  yes, there are three (3) wineries within walking distance and another is just up the road, a possible bike trip away.
  • Campfire sing-a-long
  • "Be Calm, Be Kind, Stay safe."

Plan to join the Victoria and Pacific Ski Clubs at this great outdoor event.  Bring your guitar or Ukulele and sing a few campfire songs.

Annual General Meeting - Pacific Ski Club is 45!!!

We will complete 45 years as a club on September 17th, 2020 and we will be holding our AGM

on that day, if all goes as planned.  Lots of photo boards will be on display so you can see what we have been up to all of these years.  Plan to come down and see what we are up to and what we currently offer.  Location and time to be announced.


Football - The Great Game is Back - Championship match August 11, 2020

We will reserve a table at Roxyburger for the final match being played for the MLS Championships August 11th, 2020 -  Roxyburgers, 910 Granville Street, 

Time: Likely 5Pm or 7pm match.  We saw the quarter finals and what a game!!!  Portland Timbers beat the Philadelphia Union!!!!

Remember, if you have just returned to Canada from outside, regardless where you have been, it is your duty to STAY AT HOME for a full 14 days.
Do you feel boxed in because of the COVID-19 Regulations?
  • Learn to play a Ukulele, Guitar or Merlin
  • Learn to make wine from your own grapes or from a kit.
  • Enjoy reading a new book and remember to support your local authors
  • Take the ferry and head up to our sponsor, the John Herny's Marina and Resort in Garden Bay near Pender Harbour
  •  Watch a sunset at your nearest beach
  • Bored to tears?  Call Sven any day until about 11:00 pm.  I don't mind talking, although I rarely have much to say. 

To keep everyone safe, I have

provided the latest rules for a proper game of golf under our present safety restrictions.  Although I have submitted them to both the PGA and the LPGA, I have not, as yet, had them rejected outright.  Therefore, they are very much IN EFFECT.  Please follow these rules tongue-in-cheek.

Current (non-rejected) North American Safety Rules for ALL 18 and 9 Hole Golf Courses (excluding Quebec):
  1. Players are to play only one ball at a time  (you may not tee off and play three or four balls on any given hole)
  2. Only one player to be on the tee (no sharing of one ball on any given tee unless one player is right handed and the other is left handed, otherwise each player to play a separate ball)
  3. Only one player to approach the ball at a time (please ensure it IS your ball before you swing and miss the darn thing)
  4. Players further ahead must keep at least one club length back or to the side from the player who is about to swing the club (so as not to get hit by the iron or wood with the back-swing, side-swing, etc.)
  5. Fellow players to step even further back if a player misses the ball repeatedly and may end up tossing their club in any direction deemed necessary to get rid of the offending club (it IS always the fault of the club if the ball is not hit the way you intended to hit it)
  6. Keep the game moving forward (don't play hole #6 and then walk back to play hole #5)
  7. When approaching the green, not even one golf cart may be parked on that green (new rule, I guess?)
  8. Play like the pros.  Only your caddy and the player furthest from the pin may be on the green at one time, keeping at least that social distance of one putter away from your caddy.
  9. If you two, three, or four putt like the pros, just write down 'Par' for that hole.  It keeps the game moving forward as less putts = a faster game (See Rule #6 above)
  10. If you are not having fun, do your bit for Canada and Stay the F--- at Home.
  11. Handicaps may only be used by blind and one-eyed players.  (Please 'look' around the clubhouse booth for the Braille Score Cards).
  12. As the bars are closed, bring your own beer and don't get caught (a regular PGA & LPGA rule)
  13. No Green Jacket will be awarded to the best player* (Note* unless I am winning the game.)
  14. If the game is tied after you play the course, no extra holes are to be played.  Go to the parking lot and duke it out the old fashioned way (fist-fight) while keeping your social distance of at least 6 feet between the tied players. (Player with an arm reach of over 2 metres will likely win the game).
  15. Enjoy the great outdoor sport of golf no matter what your final score is. (broken clubs must be removed from the course and put into your vehicle.  Clubs tossed into water hazards become the property of the golf course owners and may be purchased after regulations permit the opening of the pro-shops)
If you cannot abide by these rules, see Rule #10 above.
 New Rules are at play, so do your part to keep everyone safe.  Stay 6 feet - 2 meters apart.  How far is that?  The span of an eagle's wing, or the average length of a panther.  By the way, you should stay more than 2 meters from your nearest Panther, or you may be on the menu!

  • Check out the President's July 2020 message! As always, he  has little else to say.....
  • Buy a 'small' sail boat and sail away, keeping your yacht in B.C.'s coast waters.
Enjoy B.C. this year and support our sponsors!

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