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PSC Theatre Nights - Queen's Park Bernie Legge Theatre

Next play is a kind of a tongue-twister, or an oxymoron, as it's called:
Next Fall
but is in the spring, namely April 23rd, 2020.

Missed the February 13th night, you can still go as 'Drinking Habit 2 - Caught in the Act, is still playing until the 29th of February--yes it is a leap year!!!!  I was a great comedy show--but as I missed the first play, the original 'Drinking Habits (it's about nuns in their Habits and their habits). I cannot compare the two.

A popular social night these past 4 years, we meet for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory in New Westminster.  Please contact us to ensure you have a seat.  Dinner seating is scheduled for 5:45pm and call or contact :
Iain @ 604-446-4173
Sven @ 778-996-3451

Curtain time is 8:00pm sharp.  If you cannot go to the dinner with us, make sure you get to the theatre early as they have refreshments, as well as wine and beer, drinks which you can enjoy before the play starts.  Its a great way to spend an evening and unwind.  You are supporting the Arts in Canada.

The Vagabond Players, the oldest theatrical group in greater Vancouver--in their 82nd season--will present the following shows (see below)  The dates listed are simply the nights the PSC Executive have chosen.  We try to go as a group, but if they do not fit your schedule, you can click on the link to the Vagabond Players and pick your own night.  It is a loosely set up event made to fit everyone's busy schedule.

2020 Schedule:

Thursday, April 23rd - Next Fall (April 2 - 25)
Thursday Saturday, June 25th - Laughter on the 23rd Floor (June 4 - 27)


Vagabond Players, Bernie Legg Theatre, Queen's Park, New Westminster. The Bernie Legge Theatre is located directly behind the old Arenex site. Enter the park from McBride Blvd or from 3rd Avenue.


Coattails from 7:15pm. until the 7:55pm .curtain call.


Contact the Burnie Legg Theatre or the Vagabond Players

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