Labour Day Camping Trip

Anderson Creek Camping Weekend

Labour Day Long Weekend

August 29/30 - September 2/3, 2019

Along the banks of the Fraser and Anderson Rivers in the historic Fraser Canyon, British Columbia!


Yes, the Pacific Ski Club is all booked in for our Labour Day long weekend.  

What a beautiful location, what a view, and there is so much to see and do.  Enjoy a leisurely hike down to the two rivers, snap photos of the bridges or put your feet into the water where the Anderson meets the Fraser.  

 Take a short 0.9km hike up a gentle slope which will take you to the Heritage Village.  This well landscaped native village is adorned with lots of flowers and pathways which wind through numerous gardens.  You see totem poles, Tepees, longhouses, a native art galley and more.  It's a great way to pass an after noon or morning.

At the entrance, there is a fuel station and general store that serves some of the largest portions of Ice Cream you'll get anywhere.  They also sell local clothing and wares, all without any sales tax!!!  Ice, a small selection of food and camping supplies are also available.


 This year, we have booked 6 full hook-up RV sites and one big tent area accessed through campsite #7.  We have sites 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, & 12 which encompass the entire centre section of the campsite.  The location has clean, very new showers and washroom facilities.

We have the whole central section for tents and games.  They have 2 large fire pits for enjoying a warm summer evening along the Fraser.  We'll tell tall tales, you can read your favourite book, soak in the sun (lots of wide open sunny areas to choose from), sit under a tree, drink a few beers and sing a song or three. 


Variable Dates made for your schedule:

Working until Friday, August 30th.  Not a problem, just drive on up and you only pay from the day you arrive until the day you leave.  If you must work again on the Monday, you can leave on the Sunday.  If you have the Monday off, stay the Sunday and leave the following day.  Regardless, we can come on the Thursday, the 29th and stay until we want to leave on the Tuesday or even the Wednesday.  If it's just too sunny and warm, and if you have the time off, come and camp with us for another night or two.

 Price - Members of the Victoria Alpine and Pacific Ski Clubs*

(non-members must pay for a club membership to be part of the camping weekend)

$40.00 / Night Full Hook-up RV site 

$12.50 / Night per tent 

$4.00/ Night Extra person

ALL PRICES INCLUDE THE TAXES!!! We can get more spots if required, but sites 8, 9, 11, & 12 are already pre-booked.






Booking: Contact Sven or Iain;

 Super Natural B.C.

CAMP B.C. with the PSC or VASC !!! 


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