Halloween Dance & Costume Party

Halloween Dance and Costume Party

2733 Commercial Drive

Saturday, October 26th, 7:00 pm onward.


Live Band: Jimmy Dean & the Rebels

Why go to some other club's Halloween Party where they have canned music or just a DJ?

Put on your make up, pull out some old clothes and sew your costume? or just go to Value Village and find an outfit.  You will NOT offend anyone as this is party time.  Prizes to PSC members and their invited guests who dress up.  

Not a member and plan to join the PSC?  We will have membership forms there, and you will be included in the event. 

Cocktails and drinks: 7:00 pm with hot party snacks to follow.  Music and dancing starts once the band begins to play.  Lots of fun; and enjoyable night to be sure!!!

Tickets: $7.00 to cover the food & prizes.

Contact: Sven @ 778-996-3451 or Iain @ 604-446-4173 or come to Club Night in October or November to get your tickets. 

"Sí señor y señora. Ven y ten una verdadera fiesta. Es tiempo de fiesta con el PSC"  says Walter to the crowd.

(translation - "Yes sir and madam. Come along and have a real party.  It's Party Time with the PSC.")

The Devil, she can be a very, very lovely lady with a warm smile and a 'hot', pleasing touch as long as you are very, very bad.  Yes, at Halloween, the night of All Soul's Day, even a bishop can be led astray.  Luckily, there is another party on All Saints Day (PSC Game Night) where you can be good once more!!! 

Don't sit at home watching the paint dry; dress up and join the PSC with Live Music being played on-stage by Jimmy Dean and the Rebels as we party the night away at Toby's Bar and Grill.

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