Saturday, December 30, 2017

President's December 30th, 2017 Blog

Let’s hope y’all had a very Merry Christmas 2017!

Our calendar year is almost at an end and 2018 is at the door.  Yet, the ski season has just begun, we just had a White Christmas, have gone to Whistler December 8 – 11 and there are so many more ski trips ahead.

January 7th, two ski trips leave the Vancouver/ Victoria Area.  Ten of us are off to Romania to ski the Transylvanian Alps for 14 days.  On the same day, a different group is off to Silver Star for a 5 night ski vacation.  Nathalie has one ticket for the Silver Star trip, January 7-12, 2018, so it is not Sold Out. Contact: Nathalie Laurence or Ron Stengler:

I would like to thank everyone who participated for the great effort of raising $544.00 for the Christmas Bureau.  It went to families with the most need and was appreciated more that you can imagine.  Congratulations to Doreen Smith, who, through her generous donations to the Pub Crawl and the Christmas Bureau drive, won the draw.  All prizes and gifts for the Christmas Bureau Pub Crawl and Christmas Party were donated by: and 100% of the money collected went to the Greater Vancouver Christmas Bureau.  A job well done!!!

If you joined the ski club to snowboard or ski, come on and get on board(s)!  Click on and pick out a ski trip and give the coordinator listed a call or e-mail.  It is just that easy, but you must be a member of the ski club to participate. No exceptions.

Ski y’all in the New Year!

Sven, Pacific Ski Club President

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