Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Ski Romania 2018

January 7, 2018 - January 22, 2018


Full Price: $763.00 - Ski Club Members Only

Non-refundable $400.00 deposit

Balance Due: November 16th ,2017

Cancellation: December 5th, 2017

We are just over one month from our scheduled departure, January 7th, 2018. Almost everyone has paid the full amount and I just want to remind you that if you cannot go, for any reason, you need to let me know by December 5th.  After that, you are on the hook for the full payment.

A few notes:
Local Currency: Romanian Lei, about 33 cent = $1.00
Boots:  Most are taking their ski boots but rentals are available for about $8.00/ day 
Shoes: Bring along a good pair of Snow boots with tread.  We are in the mountains and you can get lots of fresh snow in January, there can be steep inclines etc.
 Lift Prices:  You can buy Points, you can buy hours of skiing, and /or you can buy Day or Multi- day tickets.

Points ski passes*:
- 6 points ski pass - 30 Lei for adults, 

- 10 points ski pass - 40 Lei for adults, 
- 20 points ski pass - 75 Lei for adults, 
- 30 points ski pass - 110 Lei for adults, 
- 60 points ski pass - 190 Lei for adults, 
- 80 points ski pass - 220 Lei for adults, 
- 120 points ski pass - 320 Lei for adults, 
- 180 points ski pass - 430 Lei for adults, 
- 240 points ski pass - 550 Lei for adults, 
(* a ride with the cable-car Capra Neagra or gondola cost 6 points, cable-car Kanzel is 5 points, chairlift Ruia is 4 points, chairlift Lupul is 3 points, Bradul, Kanzel & Ruia skilifts cost 2 points, Stadion skilift is 1 point) 

Daily ski passes:
- from 11 am: 110 Lei for adults, not for the keeners

- from 1 pm: 80 Lei for adults, for the lazy bones
- from 2 pm: 60 Lei for adults, from the "I'll just go for one or two runs, then it's party time!"
- 4 hours: 100 Lei for adults, if you ski hard, that may all you need
- 20 hours ski pass: 480 Lei for adults. No you do not have to ski from 7am until 3 am next day. It is fully transferable.

Day & Multi-day passes:
- 1 day: 145 Lei for adults, 
- 2 days: 230 Lei for adults, 
- 3 days: 330 Lei for adults, 
- 4 days: 400 Lei for adults, 
- 5 days: 480 Lei for adults, 
- 6 days: 550 Lei for adults, 
- 10 days: 1000 Lei for adults, 

So what does this all mean?  If you buy a 3 day pass, it may look cheaper, but if you buy a 20 hour pass and only ski 4 hours/ day, it equals a 5 day lift pass.
As well, it you buy an 80 point pass for 220 Lei, you can  ride up the big gondola 13 times or the lesser gondola 16 times or the chair lifts 20 to 26 times during your stay.  The points can be carried over from one day to the next and last time we could even share the points as long as we skied together.
Not sure about VISA and Master Card.  Still trying to get information on that.
Raifeisen Bank AG from Germany has a brank in Brasov and they list 35 locations where there are ATMs.  They list a Raifeisen Bank in Poiana Brasov, so we will see. 

More when I know the answers.


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