Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October is One of the Busiest Months for the Ski Club

Working with PDF files and editing them? Learning how to use and work in HTML? Resurrecting the Bootpress?  As president, don’t I usually delegate these cumbersome tasks? I can answer that in two simple points.


General Meeting

First of all, to comply with the new Societies Act of B.C., we had put forth a Special Resolution which will, hopefully, deal with those new rules.  This means a General Meeting, which we have called for to be held on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at Toby’s Pub, 2733 Commercial Drive. 


Voting on a Special Resolution

This is where you, our membership come in.  As a member, each time the executive puts forward a Special Resolution, it is the membership who decides if it is good for the society and if it should pass, be amended or be trashed.  To make the proposed changes, I had to work with an electronic copy in the PDF format.  Thus, my need to download PDF editing software and learn how to use it properly. 


Our Web Site

Secondly, we not only have the Special Resolution to pass, but the 2017 / 2018 ski season is at our doorstep, and you, our members, want to know the details so that you can sign up for the ski trips ASAP.  Until 2014, the PSC used both the web site and the Bootpress, a monthly newsletter, to get all the information out.  As we want y'all to fully enjoy and benefit from the ski trips, social events, and activities we plan, the more information we can get out to you the better.
Joseph, our Communications and Media executive just went through laser surgery for one of his two bad eyes and needs some help right now.  I went over and put much of October's club information before him while he provided the lessons in the HTML format so that he could to post to our web site.


Bootpress - Our Newsletter

Shannon Chadwick, our past Communications Executive, helped set up a new blank 4 page version of a resurrected 2013 Bootpress.  Did you know that December 2014 and October 2017 had the same start day, a Sunday?  This made it relatively easy (with my new PDF editing skills) to set up a current copy of the Bootpress (to be e-mailed soon).  Yet, I am not quite 'up-to-snuff' and, Shannon was kind enough to remove things I had no clue how to delete or alter and came up with a fresh, brilliant look.

My thanks go to both Joseph and Shannon for their help.

PSC Web Site 

Go check out our web site.  Gander and drool at its improved look and read the informative data included.  See anything we may have missed, send Joseph an e-mail (all e-mail addresses for executives are on the web site – click on the Executive tab).  He’ll get the information from us and then post it up on our site. 

As promised, with the fantastic work of our ‘Sister Club’ the Victoria Alpine Ski Club (who did all the work), we can offer ski trips galore. PSC members can sign up on or after Friday, October 6th, 2017.

Sneak Preview to our Ski Trips:

There are four trips to Whistler: December, January, March, and April, the one in March being a week long holiday. Silver Star in January, with Apex, Red Mountain/ White Water,  and Mt. Washington ski trips in February, the week-long (two options of stay) in March, and a Whistler Legends in April to wind up the season.

PSC Meetup & the Bootpress 

With Meetup and a Bootpress, we can insert some Night Skiing at our Local Mountains as well.  This need not originate from the executive but can and should be impulsive ski trips coming from our membership.  If you have a free day, sign up for our PSC Meetup and post it. “Driving up to Grouse this coming Wednesday. Live in Coquitlam. Anyone interested?, I have room for two passengers and plan to depart at 8:00 am. Call: -----“
 That is what our PSC Meetup site is for. Join PSC Meetup and get involved, carve the turns, shred the snow, and have fun. 


Membership Drive

Starting this October, we are running a membership drive.  For each new member you bring into the club, you will get a voucher toward a draw for an original work of art by published Canadian Artist, Joseph Lavalley.  The one with the most new members signed up will receive that artwork 2018 AGM, a $500.00 value.



Don't forget to support our sponsors: Mad About Food, John Henry's Marina and Resort, Toby's Pub,, and Joseph Lavalley, Artist.  

Skiing and Snowboarding is what the Pacific Ski Club offers our membership and what we, here in Greater Vancouver, are all about. Join us today, for tomorrow you may be on the waiting list!

Sven Stefanov, President, Pacific Ski Club

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