Saturday, October 15, 2016

Vagabond Players - Body & Soul

October's Vagabond Theatre Night in Review!
It was a most refreshing evening with Vancouver's second Typhoon swaying the trees like belly dancers riveted to a stage and swirling their leaves like Twirling Dervishes which were being torn from the branches as the winds passed through. It was also lovely to see a few members of the Inside Edge club who must have read our Theatre Night Information on the Pacific Ski Club's Web Site. They seemed to have come along to see what our club has successfully been doing in New Westminster's Bernie Legge Theatre in Queen's Park for the past two years. Many I had not seen since our Blue Lake Camping trip in early September, and we had a good time conversing in the theatre's foyer. Perhaps some of them may wish to join us for dinner at some New Westminster restaurant we always go to before the show. Inside Edge members are always most welcome to join us in any event, including our dances and club night. Fell free to give Iain a call and see when and where dinner will be for the November 24th show.  Drop in and check us out any time.  The more the merrier, and we do offer great ski trips each and every ski season.

A most fitting show for the Vagabond Theatre's season opener.  Body & Soul is set in New Westminster, B.C. and the main character of the play is a young man writing his first book whose theme is derived from the house's ghost, not too dissimilar of your current PSC President.  With the storm raging outside, the Autumn chill in the air with the leaves, and Halloween with the Pacific Ski Club's party and dance at Toby's with the live band Whiskydicks on the 29th of October, the theme of ghosts walking into the scenes, rattling walls, creaking floorboards, dangling pictures, flashing lights and spooky voices from beyond hit the nail right on the head.  A very well performed play. 
Come Join the Pacific Ski Club @Toby's Pub & Grill
- October 20th, 6:30pm Club Night - Ski trip sign-up night
- October 29th - Halloween Part & Dance - $5.00for your seat,
food & costume prizes.  

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