Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My first Merry Christmas Blog

Not one of our members would be reading this blog, my first, had it not been for the many hours of work Shannon Chadwick has put in working on our web site, posting my other 'blogs' and then granting us time, with this new executive, to teach us the basics of Blogging and then publishing this on our web site.  I can only hope I passed blogging 101 and that you will see this posted on our web pages.
To one and all, I invite you to our Christmas Party, December 17 at Toby's Bar, where the first 15 members (and their guests) who show up will be handed a free 'present' from Santa.  Anyone showing up after that will still be able to get in on the gift exchange.  You can purchase a gift from Santa's sack until all of the gifts are gone. You will be able to exchange this wrapped gift until the bell tolls, then it will be time to open your gift. There will be more fun added on to the game at this point. 

Bonus Raffle: The club will be raffling off the $156.89 Income Tax Receipt for the gifts we collected at our annual Christmas Pub Crawl.

More Prizes:  As it is our Christmas Party, we will have a  number of other gifts to raffle off.  A 3 tierd serving platter, a food/gift basket, a Koknaee Cap, and wine.  There could be more gifts, it all depends on how good you all are.

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