Thursday, October 1, 2015

Greens and Regulations PSC Golf Tournament

The PSC annual Golf Tournament was again held at Mylora and what a gorgeous day awaited all of us.  Sun shine, blue skies, cold beer and ciders on the course; good friends.  What more could a golfer want (a straight shot or two? a long putt?).

17 keen golfers, all wide eyed and busy tailed, especially Peter who ordered a Bloody Mary as he stepped out of his car (not sure why as I was at the Baseball wind up party and he 'looked' fairly good when I left), arrived and bought their Mulligans and teed off.  5 foursomes in all (can't do my math that well, okay!) took to the course, hitting balls hither and thither (except Graham - more on that later, I am afraid) and flagged down the beer lady whenever we required a cold one.  

Bruce hit the most ball into the lake
Joel Metcalfe won the Men's Longest Drive and the new Mens' and Lady's Farthest from the pin holes.
Brenda West won the Lady's Longest Drive.
Esther Mason took the Lady's Closest to the Pin.
Greg Palm took that event for the men.

Greens - There were two players who landed on 3 greens from their drive, both Shannon Chadwick and Joel Metcalfe, but as Shannon birdied one, the award went to Shannon.  Good shots to all that hit a green from their drive:  Anna, Reha, Stephanie, Bruce, Graham, Greg, Brenda.

You'll have noticed, I was not among those who hit a GREEN.  I could not even get one ball in 18 holes to land on a fairway.  13 tee shots hooked to the left, 5 sliced to the right.  I found that my golf also went from bad to not so bad after 3 beers, but after the 4th, on the front 9, it did not seem to improve my game any more.  yet, Larry, once he found out 'Happy Hour' had arrived, bought us all one more on the 10th.  It must have worked, as I did not lose a single ball to the water.

I learned on thing on this tournament.  After 18 holes, a few beer, and then more at the BBQ, if you decide to add up the scores ( I did not and trusted each group to do that for me) and then tally it up to make some sense of it all for the presentation, the 'poor lighting under the tents' must be at falt with my eyesight that late into the evening.  AS it was, a 73 was taken for an 83, and thus the official results were not quite as they ought to have been presented that night.  Yet, in my favour on this oversight, there were 4 players in the winning group, but not one single whiner. They had counted the strokes, had it proofed by an accountant (CA) and let me go on and on at the podium and announce the winners, all without one word of caution.  Only after everyone had left, and there were only one of two still drinking, was my error pointed out.

The Official Winners
Lowest score: Richard - 80
Second lowest score - Joel and Bruce - 81 each

Best overall player, Graham West

(we have a very special trophy that is USUALLY not won each year by having the best score, but this year it must go to Graham West for being such a good sport while I made a fool of myself) - 73!!!!

Sven, President, Pacific Ski Club

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